Robin Hood: Ben Doffing

Marian: Cassie Brozovich

King John: Matthias Doffing

Sheriff of Nottingham: Caden Runnalls

Friar Tuck/King Richard: Michelle Willson

Little John: Amy Zoglmann

Witch Waye: Chloe Henderson

Annie: Mary Berntsen

Sue: Annette Berntsen

Guard/Seller 1: Neal Zoglmann

Guard/Seller 2: Lawrence Pauly


Stage managers: Tabitha Stuhlsatz and Caylee Harrington

A/V lead: Courtnee Wisdom


If you're interested in acting and being part of the cast, listen for when auditions are announced and sign up for a slot! Check the list of roles to the right! You must sign and return a copy of the contract and the demerit system to participate as a cast member.

In addition to cast members, the following lead crew members will be needed. Download an application here or pick one up in Mrs. Salisbury's room, then when auditions and interviews are announced, sign up for a slot and bring your application!


assist the director and record decisions made during rehearsals

communicate the director's wishes to other leads

call cues and possibly actors' entrances during performance

oversee the entire show each time it is performed

attend many rehearsals and are backstage during performances


- create the look of each character by designing and gathering clothes and accessories the actors will wear in performance

find and work with the director or manager to purchase or make all costumes, as well as coordinate hair and makeup looks

will not need to attend rehearsals, except for dress rehearsals

- help cast members dress and do makeup and hair before performances


- manage all props needed throughout the production

- assist the set lead with any set accessories and furniture needed

find and work with the director or manager to purchase or make all props

will not need to attend rehearsals, except for dress rehearsals

are present before and during performances to assist with hair, makeup, or set changes


- assist in designing the physical surroundings – backdrop scenery and furniture – in which the action will take place

oversee all creation of the set and work with prop leads to decide on set accessories and - find and work with the director or manager to purchase or make all set requirements

- will not need to attend rehearsals, except for dress rehearsals

- are present before and during performances to assist with hair, makeup, or set changes


- coordinate lighting functions to make the actors and set visible to the audience

use lighting to evoke the appropriate mood, indicate time of day/location, or shift emphasis from one stage area to another

coordinate all sound equipment and possibly sound effects or music

was performed April 1-2, 2016.

Willie Lovelace: Allyssa Davis 
Harry Heartstone/Snipe Vermin: Matthias Doffing 
Bill Filbert: Chloe Henderson 
Widow Black: Sarah Doffing 
Barney Black: Dennis Zoglmann 
Martha Muldoon: Elizabeth Berntsen 
Flora: Ashley O’Neal 
Dora: Makenna Beesley 
Colonel Crabtree: Michelle Willson

Stage Managers: Tiffany Willson & Tabitha Stuhlsatz
Costume Lead: Cassie Brozovich 
Prop Lead: Lexi Crowell 
Set Lead: Sabrina Bellar 
Audiovisual Lead: Courtnee Wisdom

*New this year: Demerit System

It is important that all cast members are at rehearsal; we have a lot to do in a short amount of time. Cast members who receive 10 demerits will be removed from the play and their part will be given to someone else.

Late arrival: 1 demerit

Excused absence (illness, school function, etc. only if you have called or texted ahead of time): 2 demerits

Unexcused absence (no call, text, or actual reason to miss rehearsal): 3 demerits


Rules & Expectations

We are excited for your interest in participating in the school play! We have many opportunities both behind and in front of the curtain for you to participate and show your talent. Here are a list of rules and expectations before we get started. Be sure to read through this list and make sure you understand it, and then sign the bottom to show you have read and understood the rules.

Let’s have a great show!

1. It is expected that you will attend all rehearsals for which you are scheduled, unless excused in advance. Actors may be recast at anytime if the director feels the actor is limiting the ability of the cast to progress at rehearsal.

2. Be on time and prepared. Have your scripts with you at all rehearsals! We have a great deal to get done and a limited time in which to do it.

3. Actors are expected to work on memorizing their lines on their own time and not just rehearsal time. It is imperative that you get your lines memorized—we will rehearse with scripts for the first couples of weeks, but the main focus of rehearsal will be blocking, interacting with props, and putting all details together.

4. No cell phones: rehearsal is a time to focus on your performance and helping your fellow cast members.

5. Rehearsals are closed to the public. Only actors and those working behind the scenes may attend.

6. Let the director direct the show, do not take it upon yourself to tell peers what to do.

7. Do not touch props or costumes that do not belong to you. Each actor will be responsible for the location and condition of his or her own props and costumes once assigned.

8. Be respectful of others. No talking while others are rehearsing. You will have some down time; use this time for homework, reading, or memorizing your lines.

9. Remember we are all in this together. Everyone behind and in front of the curtain plays an important role that leads to the success of the play overall. Help each other out: go through lines together, encourage each other, and let’s keep this a positive, fun experience!