Connie Pauly

Business Finance Pathway


Grade level 10, 11, 12. Full year course. Prerequisites: Computer Technology.

Accounting I introduces students to accounting concepts, principles, and the accounting cycle for a service business organized as a sole proprietorship and a merchandising business organized as a partnership. This course includes sales, purchases, cash receipts, cash payments, financial statements, cash control systems and payroll. In addition, this course introduces students to accounting software.

Grade level 11. Semester course. No prerequisites. Required for graduation. Classified as a technical level course for the Family and Community Services Pathway and the Finance Pathway. Provides students an understanding of the concepts and principles involved in managing one’s personal finances and the role they play as consumers. Introduces students to the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to make informed decisions about daily living skills.


Grade level 11, 12. Semester course. Prerequisite: Computer Technology. This course emphasizes the formulation of business and individual investment decisions by comparing and contrasting the investment qualities of cash, stock, bonds, and mutual funds. Students may review annual reports, predict growth rates, and analyze trends. A stock market simulation is incorporated into this course.

Arts AV & Communications Pathway 

Computer Tech

Grade level 9. Full year course. Required for graduation. Prerequisite: 8th grade keyboarding. This class is designed to introduce students to operating systems, word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation software; ethics; networking; and the Internet.

Digital Media Design & Production

Grade levels 10, 11, 12. Full year course. Instructor consent only. Digital Media Design & Production is a production course in which students apply basic elements of copy writing, desktop publishing, editing, and basic photography to the production of the school yearbook, the Talon. Typing and computer skills are a plus. 

Connie Pauly

Mrs. Pauly started teaching at USD 356 in 1991. Her previous experience includes teaching business classes at  Norwich High School for three years. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Wichita State University. Mrs. Pauly is a senior class sponsor, high school Scholars' Bowl coach, middle school Scholars' Bowl coach, and yearbook sponsor. She is the coordinator of the Career and Technical Education Business Finance Pathway for the district.
Aug 24, 2015, 11:54 AM