Mr. Jeff Lantz

Mathematics        Room: 206        Phone:  620-456-3206         e-mail: 

"Looking forward to CELEBRATING your math knowledge with you!"
(My students can tell you all about that.)  -- Mr. Lantz
Principles of Algebra
This is a survey of basic math topics:
  • introductions to real numbers, solving linear equations, and functions
  • essential ideas in geometry and statistics

Algebra I
This is an intermediate math course:
  • rules for calculation and formal properties of real numbers
  • intermediate methods of solving algebraic sentences and representing solutions
  • introductions to linear, quadratic, rational, and radical functions
  • essential ideas in probability and statistics

Algebra II
This course is a gateway to a technical or business career or to more advanced collegiate study:
  • a review of topics from Algebra I
  • introductions to polynomial functions 
  • intermediate ideas in radical and rational functions
  • introductions to exponential and logarithmic functions, conic sections, and matrices
  • intermediate ideas in probability and statistics