Mr. Poliquin

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Principles of Algebra
This is a survey of basic math topics:
  • introductions to real numbers, solving linear equations, and functions
  • essential ideas in geometry and statistics

Algebra I
This is an intermediate math course:
  • rules for calculation and formal properties of real numbers
  • intermediate methods of solving algebraic sentences and representing solutions
  • introductions to linear, quadratic, rational, and radical functions
  • essential ideas in probability and statistics

Algebra II
This course is a gateway to a technical or business career or to more advanced collegiate study:
  • a review of topics from Algebra I
  • introductions to polynomial functions 
  • intermediate ideas in radical and rational functions
  • introductions to exponential and logarithmic functions, conic sections, and matrices
  • intermediate ideas in probability and statistics
High School Math Class
Math class is more than career or college preparation -- it is preparation for life. 

The work required to learn math is an opportunity to develop and improve important skills, including:
  • setting priorities
  • self-discipline
  • keeping things simple
  • collaborating effectively, and 
  • acting individually in alignment with a shared goal
Students will learn to lead themselves, to be better leaders and followers, and to participate in a community.

We will develop a framework for maintaining self-discipline and a love of learning that allows students who adopt that framework to maximize their freedom.

Math in the High School Curriculum
Mathematics is the abstract science of things that we create in our minds. These abstract things correspond in useful ways to concrete things that do not seem to be mathematical.

Math is most useful when we unite it with knowledge from science, business, the arts, and technology. We will often incorporate knowledge from other subjects when we address complicated or complex problems in math class.

Mike Poliquin

Topeka High School Class of 1987
Washburn University, B.A. (Mathematics) 1991
Licensed to teach in Kansas since 1997

After four years working in the investment department of an insurance company in Topeka, I returned to Washburn for additional study in 1995. I have been teaching and coaching in Kansas schools continuously since 1997.

Most recently, I served as math teacher and Scholars' Bowl sponsor at Maur Hill-Mount Academy in Atchison from 2012-13 through 2017-18.