Jennifer Kunz

Instructional Strategies Classroom

Instructional Strategies Classroom

The academic needs of the students served in the Instructional Strategies Classroom can typically be met using the general education curriculum presented through specially designed instruction. Some accommodations and/or modifications may be needed in order for the student to access the curriculum.

Characteristics of Instructional Strategies Classroom:

• Serves students with any primary exceptionality.

• Uses the general education curriculum with accommodations and/or modifications, as needed.

• Uses research validated instructional strategies with integrity to meet the needs of the student in all identified content areas.

• Collaborates with all team members in supporting/delivering classroom instruction, materials and strategies within the general and/or special education classrooms as determined by the IEP.

• Designs and develops the delivery of materials or the characteristics of the environment to accommodate the cognitive/sensory/behavioral needs of the student.

Training and educational technologies employed by staff in this classroom:

• Staff is trained to work with students with mild to moderate disabilities.

• They are trained to use accommodations, modifications, instructional strategies, classroom management strategies, including positive behavior supports and assistive technology to assist the student with access to the curriculum by minimizing the impact of his/her disability.

• The special education and general education teachers collaborate to ensure that agreed upon supports are implemented in all settings

. • The special education and general education teachers may co-teach within the general education classroom.

Name Jennifer Kunz

Subject Special Education

Phone 620-456-2963

Room # 112


Jennifer has been teaching at Conway Springs since 2006 and is employed by the Sedgwick County Special Education Cooperative. She graduated from Emporia State University with a Bachelor of Science in Special Education and Psychology. She has previous teaching experience at Eureka Junior Senior High School and Goddard High School. Jennifer has coached volleyball, cheerleading, and track and is currently sponsoring the Pep Club and Senior Class at Conway Springs High School.