Kristy Martin

Language Arts

Speech II (College Speech). Grade levels 11 and 12. Semester Course. GPA and minimum scores on either the CCCC (Compass) placement test or ACT. Three college credit hours. Fundamentals basic to all good private and public speaking experiences; elements in voice production and improvement, bodily movement, confidence, poise, understanding of all types of public speeches. Students will learn the skills and strategies needed to prepare and deliver demonstration, informative, group discussion and persuasive speeches. This course emphasizes how to compose meaningful and coherent messages; how to conduct responsible research on appropriate topics; and how to argue, develop, and polish effective presentation skills. In addition, he/she will be equipped to objectively evaluate the efforts of others.

Assignment Calendar

English 11 Full year course. Prerequisites: English 9 and 10; Computer Technology. Required for graduation. This course will help students master the fundamentals of technical writing, English composition, sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation, as well as United States literature. In addition, students will employ the writing process in a variety of writing forms, including business and technical applications. Group activities, audience awareness, accuracy, clarity, and economy will be emphasized Students will spend the first semester of the course building an inventory of practical communication skills; during the second semester those skills will be tested in the form of longer, more detailed research projects which will be presented both orally and in writing.

English 9 Full year course. No prerequisites. Required for graduation. Students study composition, grammar, and literature. There will be an emphasis on the four types of text both with writing and reading. The students will study vocabulary and literary terms, and read various stories, poems, non-fiction, essays, and novels. Required readings include Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Name: Kristy Martin

Subject: Language Arts

Phone: (620)456-2963

Room#: C141

An aluma of Conway Springs High School, Mrs. Martin earned a BSE in English and Journalism from Emporia State University in 1994. After teaching at Emporia High School for two years and Sedgwick High School for one year, she returned to CSHS in 1997 as a teacher. In addition to instructing language arts, she also serves as the Freshman/Sophomore volleyball coach.