Brent Martens


Physics is the most basic of all the sciences, and yet it may be the most demanding.  Math skills and problem solving abilities are very important.  Topics covered will be Mechanics, Properties of Matter, Heat, Sound, Light and Electricity.

Earth & Space Science

Earth and Space Science is designed to help students investigate and analyze the Earth and beyond.  Topics include Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography and Astronomy.


Physical Science

Physical science is a general overview of four sciences: physics, chemistry, astronomy and geology.  During the first semester, we will be scratching the surface of physics.  Topics will include motion, heat and waves.  Towards the end of the first semester and during the second semester, we will begin a chemistry unit.  Topics will include the atom, elements, bonding and chemical reactions.  In spring, we will take a brief look at geology and astronomy.

Brent Martens
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Mr. Martens student taught at CSHS in the fall of 2001 and was then hired to teach at CSMS & CSHS from 2002-2004. After teaching 2 years in Kingman, Mr. Martens returned to CSHS in the fall of 2006. Besides his teaching duties, Mr. Martens is the Head Track & Field Coach and Assistant Football Coach.