Dennis Kerr

High School Band
Grades 9, 10, 11, 12. The Conway Springs Cardinal Pride Band is  a feature performer at all home Football and Basketball games, in addition to their Concert and Festival Performances. Participation in this performance class requires a high level of musicianship, excellent personal discipline and attendance and the desire to make great music and entertain. Students are required to spend several hours outside of the classroom in practice and performance time. 

Audio/Video Fundamentals

Grade levels 10, 11, 12. Prerequisites: successful completion of Computer Technology and instructor’s permission. A/V Production Fundamentals will study the technology, skills and career possibilities in the fields of Theater and Studio work. Students will study basic studio/theater lighting, basic studio/theater sound technology, and basic Audio/Video capture, manipulation and broadcast techniques. In addition to producing short audio commercials and video productions the class will work closely with the theater and music departments to present stronger more effective programs throughout the year. This will be accomplished through pre-production, production and post-production process in video techniques, lighting and sound reinforcement to create a quality video production. This class will also be responsible for broadcasting all Football, Volleyball & Basketball games.  Class requirements include several hours of out of class participation.

Video Productions

Grade levels 10-12. Full year course. Prerequisite: Computer Technology with at least a C and instructor approval. An introduction to understanding and practical experience of Video Production Techniques for New Media Application. Areas covered: story telling and interactive flow charting, coverage planning and blocking, camera operation and practical shooting, post-production preparation and editing, digitization and digital sound theory, basic sound editing techniques for video, CD/DVD and the web.

Graphic Design

Grade levels 10, 11, 12. Full year course. Prerequisites: successful completion of Computer Technology and instructor’s permission. Students will learn how to use Adobe products: Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Students will be able to alter images, design their own images, and create publishing documents. 

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Dennis Kerr
Instrumental Music
Audio Video Fundamentals
Video Productions
Graphic Design
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This is my 21st year teaching in Conway Springs having spent the previous 16 years in Blackwell, OK, Goddard, KS and Wichita.  I hold Bachelors & Masters degrees in Music Education from Wichita State University and am a Past President of the Kansas Bandmasters Association. Currently I serve as the Coordinator for the KBA Marching Band Championship and am co-chair for the KMEA 1234A State Honor Band along with my wife Ellen.