Student Council Members

Sadie Schmanke - President Lucy Boyles - Academics Representative

Loren May - Vice President Heath Hilger - Boys' Athletics Representative

Kara Zoglmann - Secretary Owen Balman - Drama Representative

Caitlyn May - Treasurer Lizzy Curry - Girls' Athletics Representative

Tatum Wykes - Sr. Class President Isaac Meyers - Honors Representative

Emma Zoglmann - Jr. Class President Natalie Drouhard - Journalism Representative

Katelyn Koester - So. Class President Rylie Thompson - Music Representative

Brayden Kunz - Fr. Class President Rosalyn Zoglmann - Pep Club Representative

Sydney Boese - Sr. Class Representative Cassidy Beal - Spirit Representative

Robin Heimerman - Jr. Class Representative

Cheyanne Tull - So. Class Representative Callie Bartelson - Sponsor

Mya Scott - Fr. Class Representative

Stuco Meetings are held in the Library Media Center during AP. Stuco will meet on the following dates:

8/20; 9/1; 9/15; 9/22; 10/13; 11/10; 12/1; 12/15; 1/12; 1/26; 2/2; 2/16; 3/2; 3/23; 3/30; 4/13; 4/27; 5/11

Student Council Elections - 2021-2022

Student Council Board Election - 3/30

*Deadline for this election is 3/23

Class Officers Election - 4/9

*Deadline for this election is 4/6

Activity Representatives Election - 4/15-5/6

*Deadline for this election is 4/13


Aidan May, Colby Osner, TK Maforo, and Jacob Stuhlsatz

Lucy Boyles, Taryn Starks, Molly Bender, and Tracy Johnsen

Cardinals Care Canned Food Drive 2020

CSHS had a goal of 1250 items, which equates to approximately $4 or 8 items per student. Students brought in donations all week and met their goal on Friday, Nov. 6. Overall, they collected 386 food items, $578 monetary donations, and an overall 1542 items! Students will receive an amnesty day closer to finals week for their efforts! All schools participated in this event and both elementary schools doubled their goals! The overall donation that was presented to the Mission Mart was 1567 food items, $1331.75 in monetary donations, and an overall 4230 items! GO CARDINALS!


Jonathan Wright, Heath Hilger, Cole Schulte, and Zach Osner

Karlie Biehler, Lizzy Curry, Kyla Echelberry, and Tatum Wykes

Student Council Virtual Regional Conference

Katelyn Koester, Caitlyn May, Kara Zoglmann, Emma Zoglmann, Tatum Wykes, Loren May, Sadie Schmanke, and Brayden Kunz