Volunteer Service

Why is Community Service Important?

For a child to be successful in life they need more than just book knowledge.  It has been proven that students benefit greatly, both academically and emotionally from volunteering in their community.  Students have the opportunity to see first-hand just how their work impacts others.  Not only does volunteering help others but it expands a student’s view of the world, develops empathy, leadership skills, and helps them to realize how their actions can have a positive impact.

Starting with the Class of 2021, USD 356 requires 20 hours of Community Service to graduate from Conway Springs High School. It is the recommendation of the school administration that each student secure 5 hours per year so as to not put off the entire 20 hours until their senior year. Students will only be given credit for 5 hours per year. The exception is that students may "catch up" on hours from previous years.

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Have you heard of Volunteer Kansas? It’s a website for people who want to find exciting and useful ways to engage in their community. I think this is an awesome website and can be a valuable resource for you.


Signing up is free and simple. You can browse opportunities to volunteer by location or by their interests. To see opportunities, visit www.volunteerkansas.org.

Suggestions for volunteering.

Volunteering is a great way to develop skills, learn about possible careers, build a resume, help others, and feel good about making a contribution

Here are some volunteer ideas for high school students:

**Provide childcare so parents can take a parenting class

**Help build or repair housing for low-income or elderly

**Help with recreation activities for mentally handicapped

**Volunteer at a hospital--escort patients, take book carts to hospital rooms, etc.

**Provide clerical help for a charitable organization

**Do home maintenance chores for someone in need

**Get involved in recycling projects

**Tutor younger students or be a peer tutor for someone your own age

**Mow, shovel snow, paint, etc. for elderly or disabled

**Visit and read to residents in a nursing home

**Cook and serve meals to the homeless

**Feed and help care for animals at the animal shelter

**Teach sports to young children

**Coach or referee in a youth sports program

**Donate blood--must be 16