All year long

Concentrate on doing well in your classes. Determining your academic strengths and taking challenging courses will help you prepare for future education and career plans.

Participate in activities and organizations. Look for leadership opportunities.

Get involved in community service activities.

Take advantage of extra help from your teachers or tutoring if needed.


If you want to take College Speech as a junior, you will NEED to take the ACT in October of your sophomore year.


Use the internet to explore careers, colleges, and other post-secondary options.


Choose classes wisely for junior year. If you plan to attend college, be sure you are enrolled in classes to meet the Board of Regents Qualified Admissions requirements.

Enroll in classes that relate to future career goals.

Enroll in summer school if necessary.


Find a summer job or volunteer. Working or volunteering in a position that relates to your career goals is great experience.

Visit campuses when you are on vacation.