Conway Springs High School Honor Society

Conway Springs High School Honor Society


President – Lucy Boyles

Vice President – Natalie Drouhard

Secretary/Treasurer – Lizzie Cury

STUCO Rep. – Isaac Meyers

Conway Springs Honor Society 2020-2021 Members

President Austin Gibbs

Senior Members:

Molly Bender

Sydney Boese

Lucy Boyles

Elizabeth Curry

Natalie Drouhard

Kyla Echelberry

Isaac Meyers

Seth Ohl

Colby Osner

Sadie Schmanke

Rylie Thompson

Junior Members:

Cassidy Beal

Loren May

Lauren Mercer

Lance Pauly

Monica Willson

Emma Zoglmann

Rosalyn Zoglmann

President Austin Gibbs

Student Council Rep. Madison Pauly

Photos from Induction Ceremony 8/201


Louise Ronnau

Daniel and Mr. Ronnau at the Fall 2017 Blood Drive.