Hello! Welcome to the Library Media Center. The library is open from 7:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. It will be 'check-out only' on No Move Mondays and every other Tuesday during Activity Period for Student Council meetings. The library will have an Open Library Night towards the end of each nine weeks.  Open Library Night is a great opportunity to catch up homework, study for a test, collaborate in small groups, and work on essays and projects with some assistance. Dates and times for Open Library Night will be announced.

*Destiny Quest allows patrons to search and request titles from the library media center.

*The state of Kansas provides many databases ranging in focus and subject for the use of all Kansas residents free of charge.  

Britannica School or Explora High Schools - general research

Issues and Controversies - presents arguments on both sides of every issue in a clear, balanced, and unbiased manner. 

Bloom's Literature - guidance on how to write essays on authors and works most studied in the high school curriculum. 

Ferguson's Career Guidance Center - resource for career exploration and planning.

Health Reference Center - reliable, detailed information on today's most important health topics.

World News Digest - news articles overviews of historic events, country profiles, historical documents, biographies, research features, special reports, editorials, and editorial cartoons from major newspapers and news magazines all over the world.


Callie Bartelson

Library Media Specialist

Student Council


@cshslibrary on Instagram

Mrs. Bartelson began teaching English at CSHS in 2007.  Before she became a cardinal, she taught at Belle Plaine High School for three years.  She earned her Bachelor of Science in Education at Emporia State University and her Master of Science in Education from Fort Hays State University.  She has been the Library Media Specialist since 2012.

Mrs. Bartelson is also the Student Council sponsor. 

*Seek assistance in MLA and APA citations and writing guidelines

*Search titles of AR Books

*Take an AR Test

CSHS AR Program Procedures  

*Each student will have an individual reading goal based on their reading ability, the time the school gives them to read, and their comprehension of the book (TOPS tests). 

*Each student will work for the same goal both semesters.

*Goals are based on 3 aspects of AR:

1.  Average Percent Correct goal:  all TOPS quiz scores average 85% or better.

2.  ZPD goal:  all books read have an average level of the student’s lowest ZPD number.

3.  Point goal:  point totals are based on in-school reading time (20 minutes) allowed and grade equivalent reading level.

*SUCCESSFULLY meeting your 3 AR goals means:

1.  Perfect AR grade in English class (grade based on percentage of goals met)

2.  "R&R for AR" (free period during English class to play games, eat snacks, & relax in the library)

Please see me if you would like a Kansas Library Card. At no charge, Kansas residents can use their Kansas eCard to gain access to digital book eLending, audiobooks, and 24/7 access to quality research databases from anywhere. 

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