Craig Frederick

World History

This course will cover the time period from around 1300 C.E. through the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s and current issue topics. The course will cover intellectual trends, revolutionary movements, social interactions, political ideologies, economic theories, and geographical impacts. Students will focus on critical events, people, and turning points during these centuries including the Renaissance, imperialism, and twentieth-century issues. Instruction will include the integration of concepts and principles from history, economics, geography, civics, and the humanities.


This course will examine the system of government in the U.S., its purpose, processes, and history. This class will introduce major aspects of American government, including the Constitution, branches of government, departments, elections, law-making processes, political parties, civil liberties, etc. A basic introduction of different forms of government will be included. Students will argue Supreme Court cases and go through the process of creating law. It will also closely follow current issues through discussions, debate, and Current Event papers.

American History

This course will cover the history of the United States from the settling of the West to modern times. Included topics that will be covered include the Progressive Era, The Spanish-American War, World War I, the 20’s, The Great Depression, WWII, The Cold War, The Rise of Terror, etc.

Craig Frederick

World History/Government

Room # C205

Mr. Frederick came to Conway Springs in 2013 from Kickapoo Nation School in Powhattan, KS. He earned his Bachelor's in Arts in History and Bachelor's of Science in Secondary Education from Fort Hays State University. He currently is the Head Coach of the Middle School Boys Basketball team, Assistant High School Boys Basketball Coach, and Junior High Assistant Track Coach.