Chris Bellar

Thought to Ponder: Tis in ourselves to be thus or thus. Our bodies are gardens to which our wills

are the gardeners.


Chemistry: Hours 1 and 4

Grade levels 10, 11, 12. Full year course. Prerequisites: Algebra I, Geometry, and currently enrolled in Algebra 2 or Pre-Calculus. Students must have a grade of B or better in previous math classes OR with instructor permission. Students must also have a grade of C or better in Biology OR with instructor permission. The study of materials, their composition, and the changes they undergo. This course is designed for college-bound students who are interested in science. Topics include the organization of chemistry, atomic theory, elements, chemical formulas and equations, phases of matter, solutions, chemical reactions, acids and bases, energy, and nuclear chemistry. This a laboratory based class.

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Advanced Biology:Hour 2

A Grade levels 11, 12. Full year course. Prerequisites: B average in Biology. This course is designed for college-bound students interested in biology and a possible career in the health field or environmental sciences field. This course is designed to build upon the principles learned in Biology and cover selected topics in depth. The first quarter covers ecology and environmental problems and an in depth study of bird populations in Sumner Co. The remaining three quarters cover anatomy and physiology and current issues in the health field.

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Biology: Hours 5,6, 7

Grade level 9,10. Full year course. Required for graduation. Biology is the study of life. This course is designed for all students who have a background of either life science or general science. Topics to be studied include the study of cells, living processes, genetics, microorganisms, plants, and animals (invertebrates and vertebrates). Students will be required to do some dissection of invertebrates and vertebrates as well as use a microscope to observe microscopic organisms.A paragraph describing the class

Chris Bellar


620-456-2963 Ext. 3223

Room # 223

Mr. Bellar will begin his 25th year at Conway Springs High School teaching biology and chemistry classes as well as being the boys and girls tennis coach. Mr. Bellar graduated from Bethel College in 1991 with a BA in Biology and received his masters from Friends University in 2001 in Environmental Science.

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Planning Period: Hour 8

A paragraph describing the class

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